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Workshop in Butoh related work.
The students will work creatively with improvisations under guidance.

Central elements of the workshop are:
Dissolution of the concept of steps.
Strong concentration on physical and psychical presence.
The use of internal images transformed into a physical expression.
Combination of these elements in individual and group work.

Length of workshop: from 3 days to 3 weeks, 3 to 6 hours a day.

Technique-classes in modern dance.
The Graham based technique strengthens the torso through sitting exercises, where the use of the spine, buns, abdominals and the pelvis is central. This focus is maintained in standing exercises and in combinations across the floor.
Important elements of the technique are the use of contraction and release, the use of the spiral and shifting of the weight.

One class: 90 min.

Yoga and Stretching.
Astanga Yoga is the basis of classic yoga, and consists of a unique combination of physical exercises and breathing technique. In addition to the spiritual aspects of yoga, Astanga Yoga is 90% physical activity and an effective form of training that increases mobility, strength and endurance.

One class: 90 - 120 min.

Stretching builds its principles upon the ideas of Yoga. A series of stretching exercises is performed through the use of tranquillity, time, breath and force of gravity.

One class: 90 - 120 min.


Foto: Stein Jarle Nilsen