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"Passions deserves a place in the permanent stage repertoire. (...) Jørgensen’s choreography is permeated by a musical nerve. He also places unusual compassion in his dance and music, creating a theatrical totality. (...) Jørgensen’s musical sensitivity, use of space and ability to create dynamic constellations, create a journey with an impressive internal excitement and an explosive drama as much as a sacred dedication."
Yngvild Sørbye, Dagbladet December 1995

" Øyvind Jørgensen is precise with the framework of his performance Passions. The performance is presented with a tight direction and two musicians (...) who give the dancers brilliant support with their eminent playing. (...) The ballet Deilig Er Den Himmel Blå (The Beautiful Blue Sky) (...) gives one the feeling of having journeyed, (...) The lighting, costumes, the dancers’ entrance give one the feeling of having met Romeo and Juliet. Innocent, pure, in white, seeking out each other and the unknown.
Fredrik Rütter, Aftenposten, December 1995

Dark Mask 1995
The evening is saved by young Øyvind Jørgensen’s Dark Mask. A solo piece which – like Sigurd Berge’s sound design – is devised with great confidence. (...) a collapsible framework that alludes to mirrors, cages, screens, cupboards, houses ... Through this wanders Gaute Grimeland – a dancer currently in a state of monumental development - playing with himself, with us, making explosively rapid progressions play out in a quiet calm. This is not just theatre, this is also the art of Mime.
Yngvild Sørbye, Dagbladet March 1995

Passion Ambigue 1994
"(...) a stunningly joyful experience. Movement, light, choreography, music – everything functions superbly. The piece begins with Arne Nordheim’s Clamavi solo for cello. Six dancers in a tightly choreographed collaboration which sent a thrill through the auditorium. Passionate and exciting."
Sigurd Stenersen, Harstad, June 1994 (on Jørgensen’s choreography for Le Jeune Ballet de France)

Impulses 1993
Changes - Tundra - Princes in Exile
"A geyser of musicality - a three-part programme like a geyser of musicality, movement and lines. (...) he renews the heritage of dance and gives it a quality of his own. Here we have a strong choreographic intent. (...) A melting together of Balanchine and Graham, lines and drama.
Margaret Ljunggren, Aftenposten, October 1993

"The Latin-American rhythms - often staccato - and passionate guitar-playing created an intensity that one will remember for a long time to come. At the same time the piece was playful and strongly choreographed. The energy lay as much in the composition as in the performers – it was all quite beautiful and serene. Cecilie L. Steen’s finale gripped the packed auditorium.. Lit by pink shadowy side-lights, she danced a pulsating exit. Quiet and filled with power. (...) Impulses is the most complete performance I have seen in a long time.
Inger-Margrethe Lunde, Klassekampen, October 1993

"The music is extremely demanding with its staccato rhythm, which Jørgensen has exploited exceptionally well (...) he dares to bring out his sensitivity and emotional depth in this choreographed vocabulary of movement.
Guri Pahle Glad, VG, October 1993

Solo 1993
"(...) I would particularly like to mention choreographer and dancer Øyvind Jørgensen. In Solo he convinces one with strong composition and performance. (...) A quietly confident and almost meditative performance accompanied by the Jon Balke Trio. (...) One senses the beauty and joy that comes with seeing someone having mastered their craft in this way.
Inger-Margrethe Lunde, Klassekampen, januar 1993

New Snow 1992

"New Snow by Øyvind Jørgensen to music by William Ackerman (...) where we saw many beautiful movements. (...) The piece ends as a veritable tornado. Jørgensen’s best work to date.
Margaret Ljunggren, Aftenposten, June 1992


Foto: Stein Jarle Nilsen